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Do you remember how Evolve was one of the most hyped games earlier this year and how turned out to be a completely average game with semi-good ideas? Wasn’t that kind of completely disappointing? Well what if I told you that there was another game like Evolve, that did everything better than Evolve did, and it’s only $25 as opposed to $60? Well there is such a game, and its name is Depth.

Depth is a first person team based Survival horror game, in which you play as either a Diver or a Shark. If you play as a Shark, then your objective is simple: Kill all the divers. If you play as a Diver, then you have to avoid said sharks. It’s a simple formula, but it’s very effectively. When you’re playing as a diver, you feel almost powerless against the beasts, and your first encounters with the sharks can be truly horrifying. One moment, your fellow diver will right next to you, but before you know a Great White bursts through the wall and rips him apart right before your eyes. This may sound like the Sharks easily overpower the divers and will always be the winning team, and while it seems that way at first, it’s not that difficult for the tides to turn. After a few minutes of dying repeatedly, you will be able to upgrade your Diver’s skills, weapons, and special items, which vary from a device that detects any nearby Sharks to mines which can damage the Sharks, and sometimes kill them. This of course puts you at a disadvantage if you are playing as the Shark, and you will have to adapt to the situation and learn new strategies if you want to be the victorious team. So Depth manages to keep both teams balanced, granted that the players know what they’re doing, which brings up another great thing about Depth: The Community. The Community for Depth is very friendly to new comers, making it easy for them to figure out what to do, and both sides show a great amount of Team Work, which really makes Depth a very enjoyable experience. So if you’re still feeling the blues from your Evolve Pre-Purchase, then I highly recommend that you check out Depth if you want a tense, fun, and overall great multiplayer game.

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