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So we just got back from SGC (ScrewAttack Gaming Convention) 2015, and I have to say that this year was another success. This was our second year attending SGC, and while most conventions tend to get boring the second time around for some people, SGC 2015 was just as awesome and amazing as last year’s convention was.

The convention took place in the Embassy Suites in Frisco, which was a major change from last year’s location at the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas; however it was a welcome change. While the Sheraton was bigger and had more space, the Embassy Suites had a better parking area (as opposed to the mess that the Sheraton had last year) and the Embassy Suites has elevators that actually worked (again, something that the Sheraton didn’t have). As I said earlier, Embassy Suites is much smaller than the Sheraton was, however this proved to be a good thing, as it made finding things like panel rooms, autographs, arcade machines, and just everything in general much easier than it was at the Sheraton. The only thing I really missed about the Sheraton was that it had a more interesting location. Don’t get me wrong, Frisco was cool and all, but there weren’t that many places to eat besides food trucks and a mall that had a food court across the street, but neither of those options were really appealing.

The dealer room was just as great as it was last year. All of the vendors were super nice and talkative, and while most of the vendors there were just selling games (not that there’s anything wrong with that), SGC 2015 also had several talented people there, like the artists over at TruzArt, or the amazingly talented Bruce Carr (Also known as: No Ordinary Balloon Man). I honestly probably spent more time in the dealer room this year at SGC then I did at any of the other events.

The last thing I want to talk about is the Panels, which unfortunately were a step down from last year’s convention. Last year, there were usually two panels going on during one hour, whereas this year, there was only one panel going at every hour. The guest list was also not as great as it was last year, while we still had some really great guests like Mega64 and Did You Know Gaming, we lost some of our favorites from last year, like JonTron and the Hidden Block guys, which was a huge disappoint, and was made even worse when we got some ex-IGN guys instead, who a lot of people had no interest in seeing. The biggest event that we attended was the final battle between Screw Attack and Mega64, which turned out to be more like a sporting event, despite the fact that we were just watching some friends play some games, but that didn’t matter because it was really exciting, even if the wrong team won. Later that night we attended the Amiibo cockfight, which was a nice idea, but it started really late (about 45 mins, maybe even an hour late) and by the time it started we had pretty much lost most of our interest. We saw the first few fights, and while the fights were awesome and the executions were funny, they simply took too long and we left before the first tournament was even over. The only other panels we went to were the Peanut Butter Gamer Q & A, which was okay, and the two Mega64 panels, which were hilarious. So the panels that we did see were pretty great, but overall it was a step down from last year.

Still, despite that, SGC 2015 was still an amazing convention, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next one. If you’ve never attended SGC before and you have any interest in games, then please do yourself a favor and attend the next one.

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