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Get the Xbox 360 accessories that everyone’s getting to play Xbox Live and using to get better at their favorite games! Just as important as the console are the right accessories you need to go with it. There are many products you can buy to enhance your playing experience for the Xbox 360 on Amazon, where you can purchase with free shipping for many items.

The first thing that you must have to play Live is a membership code. These can be bought virtually anywhere – even straight from your Xbox at home! There are three different memberships you can pick from: the one-month, three month, and year-long membership that’s the best deal for your money.

With the year-long membership, you don’t have to worry about having to get canceled on a certain date anytime soon, and they also include free Netflix, also often having headsets that come free!

This headset is much better than regular headsets, too. It’s one that goes around the back of your head and has a much better microphone than the ones included free with the actual console.

Turtle Beaches are something that every gamer should have. You really haven’t played a game until you’ve experienced wearing a Turtle Beach headset. This headset hooks up to the sound AV cables so that you can hear the game play and talk to your friends at the same time.

The sound is just phenomenal and makes it feel like a whole new game entirely. For once, you can hear so good that it feels like you’re in the battlefield. It’s so high def that you can even hear your enemies footsteps from a far distance like never before.

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