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Tomodachi Life is….pretty hard to explain, actually. The basic premise of the game of the game is for you to add your miis to an island and watch them as they live out their lives. While this sounds bland at first, it’s actually pretty entertaining to watch because simply put, Tomodachi Life is pretty weird. It’s actually kind of hard to describe, so I guess my review will basically be me sharing my experience with the game thus far.

The game starts out with you naming your island, so naturally I named mine “A Deadly Island”. Afterwards you add the main protagonist of the story, which in my case, was me. Afterwards I decided to add: my brother, Joseph Stalin, Barack Obama, Groose, Hank Hill, Kenny from The Walking Dead, Pikachu, Princess Ariel, Waldo, Walter White, Chip Hamm (A retired children’s tv show star), Dino Girl (A girl with aspersers who’s obsessed with dinosaurs), Egg Head (A man with a deformed head), Adolfine Hitler (no relation to Adolf Hitler), Link (A cosplayer who thinks that he’s actually Link from The Legend of Zelda), Sappy Sal (A depressed woman), Scotty Kleit (A Scotsman), The Wiz (claims to be a Wizard), Pops (The creppy old man of the island), Granneh (Everybody’s favorite grandma), former Survivor contestant Tony Vlachos, and Topper “Topsy” Toppington (The self proclaimed mayor of A Deadly Island).

So things were looking up as A Deadly Island’s population was sky rocketing. It wasn’t long before Stalin fell madly in love with Adolfine, The Wiz and Sappy Sal got married and had a child named Apprentice. Then Egg Head decided to form the band, “The Jerkz”, with Stalin, Adolfine, Tony, The Wiz, Pops, and Granneh, who went on to make several great songs such as “Old people can’t rap” and “Bath Towel for Two”, in which during the live performance Stalin proposed to Adolfine, which she accepted. Although the Band caused some controversy when they released “Charity is a scam”, which upset many members of A Deadly Island, especially Topsy, who made large amounts of money from several scams in the past. Topsy then made a law declaring music to be illegal, and ordered a cease and desist letter to The Jerkz, which resulted in the band breaking up. However this proved to be an unpopular decision and Barack Obama decided to run for mayor. The islanders gathered at the beach to vote for the new Mayor. Obama won in a landslide vote, with Topsy only getting the votes of Hank Hill and Kenny. His rule was short, however, as he soon mysteriously vanished from the Island after going on a late night walk with Topsy. It didn’t take long for the islanders to connect the dots, and Topsy was thrown out of office, and into the ocean. With no one left to lead the islanders, Egg Head took charge. His first decision as Mayor was to remove mayors from being elected, and to change the title from Mayor to Supreme Commander. This didn’t settle well with the islanders, although no dared questioning his judgement, as Waldo did, who “went missing” again. As we speak, Egg Head is currently leading the army with an iron fist, although not all of his subjects are loyal, as Joseph Stalin has started a rebellion to take the island back for the people! Will he succeed? Find out next time, on TOMODACHI LIFE!

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