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Which Xbox 360 Console Should You Buy? - GameReviewStop


There are many different systems out there by Microsoft, but which Xbox 360 console is for you?  Well there are plenty to pick from and they all come with their own benefits – just for you. Some systems even replicate your favorite games from the 360 markets.

The Xbox arcade console is a bit cheaper than the other versions and comes with a free family fun pack of a bunch of mini games on the arcade. This system comes with a 10GB hard drive, which is plenty for your games. Most teen gamers own a 10GB hardrive and have enough for all of their games and more such as music, movies, and a few TV shows.

The next console is the 20GB pro pack which includes a console, two controllers and a 20GB hard drive. This is a cheap version, because it doesn’t include any extra games, just the console and controllers. This system is good for gamers looking to replace a defective system or just wanting a system and deciding to buy specific games separately.

Final Fantasy also has its own edition of the Xbox 360 consol. For around three hundred and fifty dollars, you can purchase the Elite Xbox with Final Fantasy bundle on Amazon with free shipping.

The Elite console includes free live, Netflix, a 250GB hard drive, headsets, controllers and the latest copy of Final Fantasy. This console is perfect for storing movies, games, and music. It has almost as much memory as a computer – so you never have to worry about upgrading!

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