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Picture a sad boy. He is on the street, crying. He has lost all hope in life, and is now homeless. How did he end up this way? His Parents didn’t give a PlayStation 3, that’s how. Every year 65% of Americans suffer from not having a PlayStation 3. According to statistics show by Sony, this can lead Poverty, Unplanned Pregnancies, and in some cases Death. So how can you prevent this from happening to your Child? By getting them a PS3.

But you may ask yourself, “Why does my child deserve a PS3? He doesn’t even wash the dishes!” Is your life really just about you? Think of the Children! But maybe you’re still thinking that I’m being foolish, if that’s the case, I shall convince to agree with me, by listing reasons on why you need a PlayStation 3.

I’ll start by saying that I will stop bugging you about it. Doesn’t it get annoying to have some undeserving brat always saying “Can you guys buy me a PS3”? You can stop this by getting him/her a PS3. PLUS unlike Microsoft’s Xbox360, the Online is free. That’s right so he can also stop annoying you about getting him a Gold Membership.

But what if your child gets a game that you wouldn’t like? That’s simple. For starters, he can’t get any bad games if you have it in the downstairs TV, because if he did, he would get trouble if the game used bad words, or had sex scenes, and if you’re shows are on, you could tell him to get off, and he would have to.

Plus Parents might enjoy watching their children play some of the games like “Heavy Rain or “Uncharted 2”, because most of the PlayStations 3’s game are just like watching a movie. Speaking of movies, the Playstation 3 comes with a built-in Blu-Ray DVD player. So you can force your kids to watch movies that they don’t want to, but instead of having Dad have to go to Wikipedia to check out his “facts”, you can just press a button, and the DVD will tell you itself!

This masterpiece system is only $250.00, so it’s cheaper than your last trip to the Grocery Store! So what are you waiting for? Go get your kid a PlayStation 3 now!

You wouldn’t him to end up like Little Gordon:
Would You? – Get Your Kid A PS3 Today!

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