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Bioshock Infinite is said to be not only one of the best games this generation, but one of the best games ever. Anyone who says this is wrong, here’s why:


Nothing. Irrational Games did nothing right on the gameplay. The shooting is mind-numbingly terrible, which, for a First Person Shooter, is especially not a good thing. All the Guns feel the same, sound the same, and shoot the same. Not like if matters since the Normal Enemies are ridiculously easy to kill. The shield system in Bioshock Infinite is just downright broken, as it always instantly gets destroyed, but don’t worry, once it comes up it just goes right down again. If you’re ever lost in the world of Bioshock Infinite, don’t worry, instead of exploring or actually having to use your Brain, you can simply just press a button and an arrow will appear out of nowhere and show which way to go, and in case you’re wondering if anyone ever acknowledges said arrow, don’t worry they don’t. Also don’t you hate it whenever you screw up in a game and die, then the game punishes you by making you start from a different checkpoint, or adding more enemies, or something? Well don’t worry, because Bioshock Infinite just respawns you back into the fight with no consequences what-so-ever. Well, it takes away a few tokens, but you never use those anyway, so no harm done. And the game just gets better as it goes on, as you get Elisabeth. No longer will you have to actually look for ammo, or worry about saving your ammo, as Elisabeth just yells at you and throws you whatever you do/don’t need.


Admittedly the atmosphere in Bioshock Infinite is actually pretty good. The world of Columbia looks really nice and the music for the game is good too. Unfortunately, that’s all you can really say about the atmosphere.


So everyone I know has been going on about how great the story for Infinite is, but honestly I felt like it was just terrible. Interesting, but still Terrible. The Game starts off with you playing as Booker DeWitt, the biggest unlikable complainer since Desmond Miles of the Assassin’s Creed series. Booker is being transporting by boat to a lighthouse with the simple task of finding a Girl. However one thing leads to another and Booker ends up in the sky, because that’s the most logical way to go. Next thing you know, you’re getting ready for your Baptism, but then the next thing you know, Booker’s at a fair, but then the next thing you know, the police start attacking Booker without any Rhyme or Reason. I could go more in depth, but because of spoilers I won’t. Either way the entire story is just a mess.

So if you’re looking for my personal opinion of Bioshock Infinite, I say avoid it like the plague. It’s just overall a waste of your valuable time.

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