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With an average critic rating of 96% at and arguments for video games as art. Many gamers agree that Bioshock is one of the greatest shooters produced in the past decade. Bioshock’s storyline is in many ways based on and inspired by the bestselling novel “Atlas Shrugged”, and involves the geopolitical effects taking place in an underwater Atlantis-like economy of a city called Rapture.

Unlike in the first game, Bioshock 2 will star the robotic, slow and lumbering Big Daddy. As players of the original game will know, Rapture was founded with the intention of creating a society free of capitalistic government laws and religious moralities. However, something went terribly wrong. As Bioshock protagonist Jack discovered, mutated fiends called Splicers were roaming the city and causing massive amounts of havoc. These mutations were essentially all that was left of the society, and as the story developed Jack began to figure out just what was going on.

In the new sequel, a Big Daddy returns to Rapture in an effort to find the truth behind a series of kidnappings. Little Sisters are genetically altered young girls who harvest energy from Rapture’s dead. It seems that the many Little Sisters that managed to make it to the surface in the original game are now being abducted and taken back below for some kind of purpose. That is were the Big Daddy comes in.

Bioshock 2 makes some major and readily apparent additions, one being that as Big Daddy you can use every piece of weaponry specific to his abilities, such as his large, metallic drill. His capabilities allow you to wield all kinds of guns and drills in one hand while using plasmid with the other. Plasmid is how you execute certain powers such as fire, electricity, telekinesis, and others with your fist. Different powers and skills are built up along the way.

It’s very apparent that a lot of effort has been put into this sequel. In addition to some new locales in Rapture, it’s possible to explore the sea floor in a few areas surrounding the bubble containing the city. And while there was only so much variety in terms of enemies before, the opponents in Bio 2 are more diverse and include the Big Sister, who is extremely fast and powerful and will attempt to impede your progress time and time again. At the latest, 2K Games plans to release Bioshock 2 in Q4 2009.

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