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You always want to buy an Xbox 360 game that will keep you entertained for the longest time, right? The best way to fix this problem is to buy multiplayer games that have a large population like Call of Duty or Halo. After you beat campaign or story mode in most games, there isn’t much to do with the game afterwards.

Multiplayer games never get old and ones like Call of Duty or Halo 3 are constantly adding maps, upgrading and changing the game that you originally bought. This gives gamers a new challenge and more time to explore the game. With different play lists and game types, you can always pick a new objective so it’s sort of like a bunch of mini games all tied into one.

You want to buy an Xbox 360 multiplayer game that involves a ranking system, too. Ranking up gives the game a new motive, and as you rank up in these games, you usually get more perks and privileges than lower ranked players so it builds up a goal. These ranking systems are held online and you can often keep up and see where you stand among the millions of players and try to get ahead of them.

If you rank high in these games, you may even get a chance to play professionally against very experienced gamers for prizes. The top ranked players are usually the pros who have been playing the game for a long time, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to play against one on Live.

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