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Dishonored is a Really Great Game. Why do I say that? Here’s why:


Gameplay wise, Dishonored is really good. The stealth in it works really well, however the AI can be both good and bad. For example sometimes it will work out how it’s supposed to, but other times the guards will accidently kill themselves and their allies by dropping explosive if they see you or you could be walking right beside them after killing their two allies without them even noticing you. That being said, while there aren’t many enemies in Dishonored, they’re all unique and fun to battle, if you choose to battle them, that is. Another amazing thing about Dishonored is that you can go through the entire game without killing anyone, and you’ll still be having fun. The Weapons in Dishonored are few, but this actually turns out well because the few that Dishonored offers are the only weapons you’ll ever need for the entire game, plus the powers that Dishonored offers are even better. Dishonored also gives you the option of choice, for example you have the option to help a man being harassed by thugs in the first mission, you can either help him and take out the thugs, or leave him along. If you help him, then he thanks you and offers his services, but if you leave him then you’ll later see him come back as a weeper (Dishonored’s version of a zombie) and try to attack you. This doesn’t just work for side-quests though, it also works for your actual mission sometimes. For example it gives you the choice on you you approach your target, you could sneak/storm through the front door or you could sneak through the sewers to reach him and you could kill your Target, or you could help out a criminal Master Mind and he’ll take care of your target without killing him. The choice is always up to you Dishonored, and no matter what you choose, you’ll have a blast. Although another problem with Dishonored is that there’s no New Game +, which seems like a very odd choice. For those who don’t know what a new game plus is, it’s when you start a new game, but with all the powers, upgrades, and weapons you had from the previous game you played. But since Dishonored doesn’t have this, which means you have to start a completely new game if you want to try to use different powers, or a different strategy.


Dishonored also excels in its atmosphere. The Voice Acting in Dishonored isn’t anything special; however it’s still fairly good. Where the atmosphere really shines is in Dunwall, the world of Dishonored. Dunwall is kind of like a steam punk kingdom, and while it might seem small at first you soon realize that you can spend hours exploring the mission perimeter looking for Runes, Bone Charms, Side-Missions, and more. I also personally really enjoyed how the game looked, as it both looks some-what realistic and some-what cartoony, which usually doesn’t work, but for Dishonored it surprisingly does. Another thing to note is the Soundtrack for Dishonored, which always seems to fit the mood of the scene, and sounds both lovely and sinister at the same time.


Then there’s Dishonored’s Story which is….ok. I felt like for the most part it was very dull, extremely predictable, rather short, and it has a pretty bad Ending. The Game starts off with Corvo Attano, The bodyguard of the Empress, returning to Dunwall to give the Empress a report, but after doing so, she is killed by assassins, her Daughter Emily is kidnapped, and the people behind the Assassination blame the whole thing on Corvo. Corvo is then thrown in prison for his “crimes”, but escapes soon afterwards and then teams up with a group of Loyalists to take down the true culprits behind this and avenge his name, so nothing too exciting. The characters in the world of Dishonored are pretty good, but the only two you’ll probably remember after the game is over are Samuel the Boatman and Daud the leader of the Assassins.

Overall Dishonored is a Really Great Game and if you haven’t gotten it yet do so. I strongly recommend getting the PC version, but the console version is great too, so it doesn’t really matter what system you play it on.

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