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One of the world’s most favorite past times comes to the gaming world with the FIFA 2011 video game release. Soccer is one of the biggest sports, and gamers can play as their favorite characters once again in a realistic match against real teams. Since its release in 2009, it is the most played console soccer game.

Challenge is a big part of competitive games, especially with sports. This is why EA made computer players more realistic and to respond in a more human like manor to make it seem as though you are playing another person. Dribbling is also improved with an entire new system to make maneuvering more skillful and real.

The FIFA 2011 video game release also has a practice mode so that players can now increase their skills and get a better feel for the game. In this mode you can even select the number of attackers and defensive players that you like. Here, gamers will witness the incredible improvements to the AI goalies.

Even the little detail in the FIFA 2011 video game release, such as the weather has been improved. It now alters with the day and night games to give a more realistic feel for the field.

The player’s movement is another small adjustment to the game that many fans have noticed. Now the player in the game moves just as he would in real life so that you can easily tell who is doing what.

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