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Nintendo’s new line of games known as “New Play Control!” has received mixed reactions from gamers; Nintendo fans have wanted to be able to play games like Metroid Prime and Pikmin using motion control ever since the Wii was announced. On the other hand, shouldn’t Nintendo be concentrating on making entirely new games? Though I’m sure they are to some extent focusing on new titles, it’s still a valid question. In any case, it’s good to know that Nintendo has still been putting alot of effort into these ports; such as enhanced graphics, ease of use, and sometimes adding entirely new content. Here’s what Nintendo has done for Mario Power Tennis.

First of all, the visuals have been updated substantially. Nintendo has touched up the interface and I think you’ll find the graphics are noticeably slicker and smoother than before.

Secondly, and most notably, the game has been fitted with the Wii’s signature motion controls. In the default D-pad setting, you use the control pad to move back and forth, but you can also plug in a nunchuk and make use of it as well. Swing the remote upwards for a topspin, backwards for a backspin, and do a steady swing for a flat shot.

Mario Power Tennis features an extensive roster of Mario characters, each with their own unique strengths and abilities. One ability every character has at his disposal is the smash shot. When an opponent lobs the ball over onto your side, a star will appear where the ball is going to land. If you position yourself on top of the star at just the right moment you can perform your own super move. Smash shots are extremely difficult to hit back, unless of course you perform a super move to counter it.

Mario Power Tennis is a classic on the Gamecube, so I guess we will have to see just how it fares being ported to the Wii. Afterall, it’s happened before that a perfectly good concept for a Wii port was shatter by poor execution. There are many examples of this. In any case, the Wii’s motion control could do wonders for the Mario Tennis franchise, so no matter how well the port does, Nintendo will hopefully come out with a good follow-up sequel soon enough.

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