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The Walking Dead: 400 Days is the most recent episode in Telltale’s The Walking Dead series, and honestly it’s one of the best episodes they’ve done yet. I’ll go ahead and give you a short look of each story in 400 days, and then give you my opinion on that story:

Russell’s Story:

You play as Russell, a young Graduate who recently abandoned his old group in order to find his Grandmother. While traveling alongside the road, a truck approaches Russell, to which Russell can either stand his ground or hide next to a corpse on the side of the road. Whatever Russell does, the driver of the Truck will see Russell and offer him a ride, to which Russell accepts (well he can decline, but that results in his death). The Truck driver is named Nate and it quickly become apparent that he’s not the sanest person alive.

Personally, I thought that this was the second best story in the episode. There are a lot of memorable moments in the episode, some for comedic moments, and others for suspenseful moments. While Russell and Nate aren’t the most likable characters in The Walking Dead, they’re some of the more interesting characters, Nate especially.

Shel’s Story:

You play as Shel, who lives with her sister and a group of other survivors. Shel’s story starts off with her sister Becca playing the guitar as entertainment for their group. After speaking with Roman, the group’s leader for a bit Shel then goes to see what a watchdog (A walker that her group has chained up) is eating, and then is saddened when she learns that it is a puppy. But when another group member calls Shel and Becca outside, they Roman and other members of their group with a gun pointed to a blindfolded man speaking in another language. It is revealed that he was caught trying to steal supplies, so then the group is then split in argument on whether they should let him go with a few supplies as a sign of good faith, or kill him right then and there.

This was by far the best story in this episode. I can’t say too much, because spoilers, but Shel and Becca were not only the best characters this episode, but they were some of the better characters this series has seen, and the other survivors living amongst them were pretty interesting too.

Vince’s Story:

You play as Vince, a man who was recently convicted for Murder. He on a prison bus with four other prisoners and two guards. He soon starts a conversation with two of the prisoners; Danny, who was recently convicted of rape, and Justin, a pyramid scheme entrepreneur who made millions before being caught and arrested. They start talking about the crimes they convicted of, but they are soon interrupted by an incident, and well…..that’s all you can really say without giving away too much.

I also really enjoyed this story. Most of it dialogue, but you get to learn a lot about these three characters within a short period of time. For example you learn that Danny is Brave, but also extremely naïve and a bit of a jerk, and while Justin is very intelligent, he is also a coward and very self-centered.

Bonnie’s Story:

You play as Bonnie, a has-been drug addict who has been receiving help from a Married couple. Her Story starts off with her and Leland, one of the people who found her, flirting, however they are soon interrupted by Dee, Leland’s wife, who has brought a strange bag with her. Leland begins to question Dee repeatedly about the bag, and needless to say they get into an argument, but they’re soon interrupted by a group who starts chasing them and shooting at them.

Bonnie’s story is also pretty good, Bonnie was a pretty good character, however Leland and Dee aren’t that good, but not bad either. There are a few fun bits in this story, but it’s not as good as the other stories

Wyatt’s Story:

You play as Wyatt, who is Jeff Bridge’s long lost brother. Wyatt and his not-so bright friend Eddie are being chased by an unknown man after Eddie supposedly accidently killed the man’s friend. After shooting the other vehicle for a bit, they pull into a fog and after a bit of arguing, Eddie accidentally runs over a figure, and is concerned that it was a living man and wants to go out and check on the man.

This was easily the weakest story in the episode. Wyatt and Eddie aren’t interesting or likable, and it’s just not as good as the other stories. It does add a new interesting gameplay element, and it’s the best Rock-Paper-Scissors simulator I’ve played since Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, but it’s still not that great.

Overall Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this episode, you be super attached to most of the characters since you only get to see them for less than thirty minutes each, but some of them, as I said are better than other characters in the series, and Four out of the Five stories in it are really great, but it has a really good epilogue. The Walking Dead: 400 Days is defiantly worth purchasing if you’ve already played the first five episodes in the series.

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