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A while back at the E3 , LucasArts announced that Indiana Jones would make an appearance on next-gen systems. Though they have been taking their time to live up to that promise, for a while now they have been working on Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, which they plan to release on the Wii, PS2, DS, and PSP this June. The thing is, for game that is to be released so soon, there is very little information available concerning just what the game is like. But here is what we do know.

We know that Staff of Kings is an original Indy storyline that LucasArts themselves constructed. It features a variety of environmental settings and locations, which happen to be: Sudan, Istanbul, Panama, San Francisco, and Nepal. The developers have taken the films into account, and been sure to not only be true to the overall classic feel of Jones’ adventures, but have also inserted a number of homages to Indy’s past journies that fans of the movies will certainly get a kick out of.

We know that every version of the game is not a simple port, but rather designed specifically to suit it’s system. In fact, each version was built entirely from the ground up to suit it’s strength: the PSP’s being that of physics engine capabilities for puzzles, the DS being the touch-screen for combat, the Wii it’s motion sense for innovative whip control, and the PS2 for it’s Hot Set destructible environments.

The storyline itself received creative input from both George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. It concerns the search for what is essentially the Staff of Moses, in which Indiana Jones and a new nemesis called Magnus Voller are opposed. The game features both singleplayer and co-op, each having seperate storyline elements. While the singleplayer storyline boasts a whole cast of entirely new characters, there is one character in the co-op mode that Jones fans have certainly seen before.

We know that the Wii version features many areas in which motion control is utilized, as well as unlockables such as a two to four-player versus mode and even the entire original PC game “Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis”. There’s actually quite alot of difference in content between versions, but the Wii’s appears to be the most significant.

We know that every single version of the game will be released simultaneously on June 9th.

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