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Wolverine games have something of a bad history. With a few exceptions, no Wolverine game seems to properly capture the essence of what makes Wolverine so awesome. However, the new game for the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine just may have what it takes, which is surprising considering the fact that it’s a movie license game. Here are some reasons why I think this just might be the best Wolverine game thus far.

First of all, and perhaps most importantly, it features a deep and intense combat system. Some areas of levels let you come up behind enemies and perform stealth kills, while it’s also possible to attack all sorts of powerful enemies, thanks to your regenerative powers. These powers constantly heal you as you take damage, though at some point you’ll need to hide and heal if you are in the middle of a battle and your health gets too low. There are many types of combos and with carefully timed button presses you can execute intense finishing moves.

Over the course of the game enemies will become more and more powerful, and even smarter. Some even have superpowers of their own. You’ll undoubtedly get beat around by some of the game’s more clever foes, and when that happens Wolverine’s clothing will be shredded and torn here and there. Luckily, some wounds can be avoided by dodging blows, or in the case of groups of men armed with guns, deflecting a few bullets with some well-timed button presses.

Secondly, the well portrays and makes use of Wolverine’s sharp senses. Using the D-pad or control pad, you can activate the different aspects of Wolverine’s sharp senses, which will allow you to spot cloaked enemies, hidden entrances to areas, and more. This may not sound especially important, but it’s a mechanic that brings the player one step closer to being the Wolverine.

Also, it’s looking to be just an overall solid game. The gameplay looks promising, and is well complemented by the music and audio, which well captures the sound effects of Wolverine’s claws making impact with different objects. The graphics are well done and don’t look half-baked at all. As Wolverine regenerates health, you can see the various wounds on his body begin to close up.

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