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The ring of death sounds dreadful for a reason. It’s something no Xbox 360 owner ever wants to see. It signals that your console has gone down for the count and it won’t get back up unless someone repairs it.

There are differing opinions as to what causes the red ring of death error to show up on the Xbox 360. Some say it’s caused by the excessive heat build up. Others say the soldering was defective. Many believe the clamps are at fault. Whatever the truth is, the end result is still the same. The ring no one wants to see shows up.

Advice on how to fix the troubles with the Xbox 360 console ranges from the completely absurd to the ideas that will permanently tear up the console. The console is too expensive for you to follow the repair directions given by a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from some guy down the street that, “Maybe this will work, what do you have to lose?”

You have a lot to lose. The mindset that, “It’s broken, so go ahead and try anything” is a sure way to make certain your console never works again. Who can you trust to help you get your console fixed?

When you want help with the red ring of death, you need to go to where the experience is. You need to have the console repaired by someone who really cares about the machine. That someone is you.

Even if your only experience with the console is mostly just sticking the game in and playing, you can still learn the exact simple steps required to repair your Xbox 360. Don’t be fooled by a bunch of technical gibberish or threats of a voided warranty. The Xbox 360 isn’t complicated to repair. Anyone that can follow instructions can fix an Xbox console.

While Microsoft did extend the warranty time for the Xbox 360 in order to cover the defects in the console, that won’t help you if you’re one of the unfortunate owners whose warranty has lapsed and your machine goes down. But don’t think that you’re now stuck with a worthless console. You can get the help you want to fix it yourself.

You’ll find all the answers you need in the 3 Red Light Fix Repair Guide. You’ll get a checklist that you can use to make sure you’re doing each part of the repair process exactly the way it should be done.

With the easy to follow guide, you’ll be able to keep your money in your own pocket and repair your console fast and at no extra cost to you. Because the instructions are so clear and the console easy to fix, you’ll find that you’re even capable of fixing consoles for other people whose Xbox 360 suffers the same fate.

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