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Setting up your Xbox 360 Live account is very easy and only takes seconds to do. All that you need to do is buy a membership from either a store or the Xbox directly and pick a name – also known as a Gamertag.

Next, just give them your email and password or make a new one, and answer the security questions and you’re all ready to start playing. Now that your Live account is all set up, you can edit your avatar to look exactly like yourself by going to edit and changing all of the features on it.

If you buy Microsoft points, you can go to the marketplace and pick special clothes and accessories for your little avatar. With the points, you can also purchase movies, games and backgrounds for your dashboard.

Having an Xbox 360 Live account is much more than just playing online multiplayer games. You can look up your friends and add them on Live and even send messages or open up a chat room to talk to them through the headsets. To be in a chat doesn’t mean that you both have to play the same game either, you can be doing whatever you want and still be talking.

You can also access your Xbox 360 Live account and even be connected to Facebook and you can do your updates from Live. Live can also be accessed through your computer or cell phone so that you can always check your messages and see who’s playing what on Xbox at that moment.

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