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Whether you do it for fun or exercise, you’ll enjoy the dance moves you’ll experience with Just Dance 2. This latest version features all new dance modes that are sure to be a hit dancing alone or with a group of friends.

In the Duet Mode, you can interact with another dancing and take charge of the floor as you show off your skill. If you choose to play the Dance Battle Mode, you can experience the thrill of competition as you compete against others in a team setting.

The Party Mode is a free for all where anyone can jump in and get their groove on, throwing reservation to the wind. This mode is all about having a good time and enjoying dancing with those who make life enjoyable.

Just Dance 2 can also help aid you in saying goodbye to those pesky pounds or toning up those trouble spots you want firmed. Just Sweat Mode is a way to exercise that won’t make it seem like you’re exercising and by letting users set goals, you can dance until you reach a certain level of sweating and burn off those calories. The music you’ll get contains both the classics as well as today’s hit songs. Whether you like rock and roll, hip hop or pop, you’ll find music that appeals to your listening style.

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