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Wii U, Untying U From Ur TV

Nintendo’s next home console, known as the Wii U, will deliver “deeper game experiences” with 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i output. Sadly, the Wii U will probably not feature stereoscopic 3D. But hey, Nintedno in HD sounds pretty good to me!


Which Xbox 360 Model is Right For You?

Microsoft has many different versions of their hit console available, but which one is right for you? Well, there are plenty to pick from and they all come with their own benefits and unique features. The Xbox Arcade is a […]


Strategy PC Games

Strategy PC games are perhaps one of the most played online games known to gamers. Strategy games challenge and stimulate the mind in online and solo objectives to test the brain rather than reflexes and motor skills like other games. […]


The Phantom of The Console

The Phantom was supposed to be “console in a class of its own”, “a console built by gamers for gamers”, and a revolutionary product that would change the way we played games. It all started back in 2002, when Infinium […]


Star Wars The Force Unleashed II Review

Throughout time since the early 80s, the Star Wars video game series has stolen the hearts of thousands of gamers. Each game relating back to the space adventurous movies in chronological order, or going with a series, Star Wars never […]


Top Rated PC Games

What are the top rated pc games and what is it about those games that take them from mediocre to in demand? Games become the most wanted when they create an experience that makes the user forget life exists outside […]


Product Specifications of the Xbox 360 Elite

It’s no doubt that the Xbox 360 Elite is the best console on the market right now – and when you have your own, you’ll know why. The Elite has the more memory than any Microsoft gaming system ever. Its […]


Red Ring of Death Has Gamers Seeking Xbox 360 Repair

Many gamers are searching for an Xbox 360 repair thanks to the Red Ring of Death malfunction. Don’t be one of the people who have to pay hundreds to send in their Xbox, which broke because of Microsoft’s faulty programming. […]


What Are Currently the Most Popular Xbox Games?

Currently, the most popular Xbox games out that have the most sold copies and active online players are Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Halo.  Call of Duty and Halo are very competitive rivals and alternate between being the […]


Where Can You Download Xbox 360 Cheats?

Xbox 360 cheats are getting harder to find these days. Single player cheats can be found on sites like Gamewinners, but if you’re looking for cheat codes to help you dominate in multiplayer or single games, there’s really only one […]