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Microsoft Xbox 360 Repair Secrets

Your Xbox 360 died. Before you got that fatal error in the console, you might not have noticed that things weren’t quite right. You might have missed the warning signs – in the heat of game play, it’s easy to […]


How to Repair Xbox 360 Using the 3 Red Light Fix

You have an extensive game lineup and with a group of friends, and you’ve planned an all day gaming session. Deep in the middle of some serious action while playing Call of Duty, you notice over by the power button […]


Must Have Xbox 360 Accessories

Get the Xbox 360 accessories that everyone’s getting to play Xbox Live and using to get better at their favorite games! Just as important as the console are the right accessories you need to go with it. There are many […]


PC Games RPG

The most sold game around the world for the computer happens to be a pc games rpg or (Role playing game) called World of Warcraft. Role-playing games are considered to be long games in which you take on another character […]


Buy an Xbox 360 Game That’s Right for Your Gaming Needs

You always want to buy an Xbox 360 game that will keep you entertained for the longest time, right? The best way to fix this problem is to buy multiplayer games that have a large population like Call of Duty […]


Why You Need To Get Your Kid A PS3

Picture a sad boy. He is on the street, crying. He has lost all hope in life, and is now homeless. How did he end up this way? His Parents didn’t give a PlayStation 3, that’s how. Every year 65% […]


Which Xbox 360 Console Should You Buy?

There are many different systems out there by Microsoft, but which Xbox 360 console is for you?  Well there are plenty to pick from and they all come with their own benefits – just for you. Some systems even replicate […]


FIFA 2011 Video Game Release

One of the world’s most favorite past times comes to the gaming world with the FIFA 2011 video game release. Soccer is one of the biggest sports, and gamers can play as their favorite characters once again in a realistic […]


Getting an Xbox 360 Live Account

Setting up your Xbox 360 Live account is very easy and only takes seconds to do. All that you need to do is buy a membership from either a store or the Xbox directly and pick a name – also […]


Picking the Right Xbox 360 Controller

Choosing the right Xbox 360 controller can be very difficult if you’re picky or wanting to choose something to give you an advantage on the game. There are so many different controllers out there with different purposes. It depends on […]