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Playing Darkest of Days is like eating a Ham Sandwich, with Jelly and spicy peppers…you just shouldn’t do it!

I can easily say that Darkest of Days is one of the worst games I’ve ever played (the worst one sound like supamahn sixty-four). The Graphics look like a broken Nintendo 64 Game, that was beating up, thrown down the toilet, stepped on, and put in a bowl of soup.

The Game starts off in the Battle of Little Big Horn, where the Main Character, Alexander Morris, gets shoot with an arrow, in what appears to be his groin. Then all of the sudden, A guy from the Future comes out of a Giant Bubble and takes you to a lab, where you meet a Woman with terrible voice acting, and Agent Dexter, who just loves to use language.

But that’s just where the (un)fun starts! You then go into a training level where you shoot glowing human-like targets that just run into a wall and let you shoot them. I wish I was joking, but I’m not. You’re then forced to play through past famous fights. But instead of using acient weapons which would be more interesting, you use futuristic weapons , which sounds fun, but just the game easier, which is good since you can get it over with quicker.

and If that wasn’t enough,here are some more exciting features Darkest of Days has! Darkest of Days only features 3 colors, Brown, Green, and Red. And the A.I. is one of the worst I have ever seen, the enemies just stand around even if you’re right next to them, they’ll only attack if you attack them, but if you beat up their friend, they just look and keep on shooting at the air. That darn air, confusing soldiers like that. Shame on you!

Just ignore Darkest of Days, if you want to rent it, make sure you get a free-rental, Because the ONLY good thing about this game is it’s name.

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