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Choosing the right Xbox 360 controller can be very difficult if you’re picky or wanting to choose something to give you an advantage on the game. There are so many different controllers out there with different purposes. It depends on if you’re looking for one with looks or a controller with perks.

Many controllers have designs that match some of your all time favorite games and can impress anyone you have over just by first sight. There’s the limit edition controller which is red and rare, because not too many gamers are able to get ahold of one locally, but you can purchase this online at sites like

There’s the digital camouflage 360 controller from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. This controller is made through Madcatz, which is an expert controller company and is actually cheaper than regular ones.

The best thing about this specially designed controller is that it’s wireless – unlike some other Microsoft controllers, so you no longer have to worry about wrapping up the wires or tripping over the cords.

The best kind of controller that most gamers are not aware of is a turbo controller. These controllers are used for rapid fire or extreme button pushing speed. Rapid-fire controllers can shoot up to thirty two times faster than the average human and will definitely give you the edge in any online multiplayer game. Even Amazon sells these modified controllers, but for a bit more than the regular price of an Xbox 360 controller.

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